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Receiving Computer Fax To Your Email Account

Posted in Uncategorized by onlineservices01 on October 6, 2009

imageIndexMany times you might have thought whether it would be possible to receive fax to your email account? Yes, undoubtedly, today the advancement of Information Technology has made is possible to receive computer fax (online fax) to your email account with ease and at a most affordable price. This system of transmitting fax is known as fax to email and it is available in various computer programs and included in various Internet faxing services.

This new system of sending computer fax involves conversion process. With the advancement of computer technology, almost everything is being managed today digitally.  Transmitting fax is not exception to this system; in place of traditional and bulky fax machines, computer fax options are applied. This alternative method of e-faxing totally supports the traditional faxing ways and enables you to receive fax to your email.

TIFF format is usually used for sending documents through these computer fax machines when these are sent to your computer through an Internet fax number. The TIFF file is converted to one of your choice, such as doc or PDF that is smaller in size.  This conversion takes place using “fax to email software” or a “fax server” of the web faxing company that you have hired.

The process of sending fax through this process has many advantages.  The first is that receiving and sending fax takes least possible time and the documents sent or received are clearer and easier while this was snot the case with traditional faxing machines. Now you can get a local number or a toll-free number where you can receive your desired documents through computer fax. You are given this number when you sign-up a plan with faxing service.   Only you need do adequate research before finalizing any such service provider. The top online fax providers are RingCentral, eFax, MetroFax, RapidFax, and MyFax. There are many service providers that offer a free trial of 30 days; so before finalizing any online fax service, you need not make any hurry.


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